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A Kidnapping – Part 1 of Revenge of the Siren Song

Revenge of the Siren Song

Danger and adventure await in this tale from the Golden Age of Piracy. As deadly as she is beautiful, Captain Grace O’Malley is not the only threat in the Caribbean. She must strike an alliance with an old flame in order to continue to ply her trade upon the tropical sea. But the burning passions of Liam O’Shea threaten to unravel all her plots and plans.

Chapter 1 – A Kidnapping

Liam O’Shea was first aware of the bright light suddenly shining in his face. That triggered a throbbing headache, which in turn reminded him of all the rum he’d consumed while wenching with a few members of his crew the night before. His instinct was to grab the tattered excuse for a coverlet and try to roll away from the sunlight. But when he did, he discovered a cold sharp blade against his exposed neck. He froze just as he was, his eyes still shut. A silky brush of hair tickled his face and the sweet scent of a woman tickled his nose.

A warm and sultry voice whispered in his ear. “Liam, your entire crew, to a man, is passed out drunk. I could kidnap you and take that sweet little boat of yours and no one would so much as raise a hand to stop me. What a pity.”

The hair brushed across his face again. All of the sudden everything went all black and sideways. Captain O’Shea’s head felt as though it would split open.

The second time he woke up, Liam was aware of his throbbing head more than the light streaming onto his face. His mouth was sticky dry, and the rest of his body ached almost as much as his head.

“Well, I see my guest is finally waking up,” cooed the same sultry voice from somewhere in the room.

Slowly Liam opened his eyes and realized that he wasn’t in the room he’d let for the night but in the captain’s cabin of a ship, a ship that was not his. He bolted upright and regretted the move as soon as he’d made it. Part of the regret was caused by his swimming head, but a better part of the regret was due to the flashing cutlass blade that was suddenly at his throat.

“Don’t be getting any bright ideas, Captain O’Shea. If you don’t behave yourself as a proper guest aboard my ship, I’ll be obliged to tie you up and treat you as my prisoner.”

Liam’s head quickly cleared, along with his vision. What came into focus was truly amazing to the shanghaied sailor. At the other end of a very sharp and deadly cutlass was a dangerously beautiful pirate queen. Shiny raven locks cascaded around her face and shoulders. Mysterious hazel eyes gazed penetratingly into his. A deliciously pouty mouth hovered just close enough to kiss, were it not for the blade between them.

“I would be a fool indeed to threaten harm to a captain aboard her own ship,” he smiled.

“You have been known to be a bigger fool at times,” she snapped as she withdrew her cutlass.

He took advantage of the moment she turned her eyes off of him and grabbed her up in his arms. He kissed her hard as he forced her body against the bulkhead. Holding her there with his hips, he trapped her wrists above her head. He burned his kisses upon her mouth, and his eyes went dark with passion. As he continued to kiss the bonny sea captain, he began to grind her into the wall with his hips. She did the only thing she could to get him off of her. She bit his lip, hard enough to draw a trickle of blood. Again, his instinct for self preservation gave her the advantage she needed. He let go of her wrists with one of his hands. She slipped from his loosened grip to grab the knife on her belt. Once again, Liam found himself on the wrong end of her blade.

“It would do you good to remember who’s ship you are aboard.”

“You seem to be quite adept at threatening me with sharp objects, but what do you really intend to do with that,” he asked as he licked the blood from his lip.

“Assert myself.”

“Really, now, and just what assertions would those be, lass,” he grinned knowing he’d unravelled her a bit.

“Men of the watch!!”

No sooner had she raised her voice than three huge men came busting into the cabin.

“My guest has yet to learn his place.  Put him in the brig until he cools off.  And don’t fail to use the robust irons,” she confidently ordered them.

“Oh, really, now.  Do ye not have the nerve to face me one on one?  Or are these to be our audience,” his Irish brogue grew thicker.

“My ship, my rules,” she breathed in his face.

“I do not think you will have to hold me down to kiss me back, lass.  And I doubt the likes of these could hold me long anyway,” he taunted her back as she walked away from him.  “Why, Jameson here, still owes me a pint o’ rum.  And not that swill he’s taken to drinking, either, a pint of the good stuff.”

The man holding down Liam’s right hand averted his eyes from his captain sheepishly.  Liam took advantage of the man’s embarrassment and, with a flick of his wrist, took the man’s knife from his belt and threatened the guard on his left with it.

“But, as you have already pointed out, this is not my ship and I’ll go, lass, but it will be because I have peacefully agreed to,” he said as he lowered the knife and handed it back to Jameson.

“Wise choice,” she growled.

“You intrigue me, ’tis true,” he flashed another smile her way.

“Watch and learn,” she said as she turned on her heels and exited the cabin.

The men dragged Liam out on to the deck right behind her.  She was already barking orders to the rest of her crew, so his captors just stood on deck with Liam in hand until she gave them further orders.

“Helmsman, turn us to the south.  I have a score to settle.  And someone see to it this fool learns some manners.”

“South, eh,” Liam chuckled to himself.

“Hoist the mainsail!  I want the wind in my face boys!”

“A main heading south in the warm coastal water off the Florida shore,” Liam began to ask a question.

“What is he still doing on my deck? Below with the bastard!”

After several hours alone in the bowls of the dark smelly hold, the lovely captain of the Siren Song finally visited her prisoner.

“Did you really think I’d tell you what was going on while you could still jump ship?  That American bitch is making trouble for us all.  And there’s no way any of my crew would believe you’d come along willingly.  Since you are the damned worst liar of a pirate I’ve ever met, you left me no choice but to kidnap you and explain later.”

“Stealing and sailing requires little lying, I’m afraid. And my eloquent, dulcet tones are lost on most,” Liam grinned.

“Trying them with me won’t work either,” she scowled.  “I assume your crew WILL eventually come looking for you?”

“Unless they suddenly don’t want their part of the treasure I’ve buried and horded, you can assume so.”

“That horde won’t be worth a damn if we don’t stop her.”

“I’m mostly all ears for you… Mostly.”

“And you she will hang from the yardarm and then burn you as look at you,” she continued without pause.  “What you ever saw in her I’ll never know.  But now that she’s added my ships to her merry little game,” she fumed.

“Look, what do you want me to say, Grace?  That I made a mistake?  I didn’t, not about her, anyway.  I made a lot of others since then, more than we have time to count. We both have.  But what can be done about it, now?  What do we have left that we can leverage to take vengeance?”

“She’s been playing both sides. She thinks she’s been so very clever.”

Liam nodded his head and asked, “So, what’s the plan?”

“I’m not so sure I should tell you yet. I need to assess your loyalty.”

“Is this an attempt to get me to swear an oath?  Or are you just going to let me voyage in irons till your suspicions of me wear thin?”

“Up to you, but I’m leaning towards the irons option.”

A smile spread across his face as his thoughts tumbled through what bawdy options the irons could provide.  “Just how do you intend to assess my loyalties?”

“Now would be a good time to prove your devotion.”

He stood up.  “And how would you have me do that?” he asked as he took as many steps forward as his chains would allow and stood so close a stiff wind would have made her touch him.  “Do you want me to drop to my knees, look up at you, and give you lip service?” he asked with a sly suggestive smile.

“Dinner,” she choked.  “We will talk.”

He walked back over to his tiny stool and sat down.  “Dinner it is.”

 Revenge of the Siren Song is available on Amazon.com in print and for Kindle.


Pirate Novella, Revenge of the Siren Song

That time is almost here … AT LAST!!!!  I am down to the last few scribbles on the manuscript and then it’s off to a few key people.  I have a retailer, two published authors, and a member of my target audience all set to read it and let me know what needs to be tweeked.  My plan is to have the work published in early November.

So, to celebrate, I’m sharing a preview of the book cover with you.

Cover Art Revenge of the Siren Song

I hope you are as excited as I am for the upcoming release.  More to come as the publishing day gets closer.

Beyond the Veil for NYCmidnight Flash Fiction Challenge

Maggie’s worries about her sister’s wedding seemed to be unfounded.  It looked as though they might make it through the day without incident, when a familiar voice whispered against the back of her neck.

All of Gran’s tales of leprechauns and other wee folk had never prepared her for the likes of Aiden the Fair and Wise, as he liked to call himself.  It was traumatic enough being able to see beyond the veil between worlds, but he seemed to enjoy demolishing Maggie’s self control with childish pranks. 

“Why Maggie McGee, you look splendid in your wedding finery.  You should dress up more often.”

Maggie’s heart sank like a stone in the pit of her stomach.

“Congratulations,” he said as he took Liz’s hand.  “I’m afraid I’ve surprised your sister beyond words.  I only knew but a few hours ago that I would be able to come.  I hope you will forgive Maggie’s date for his poor manners.”  He flashed Liz a charming smile and kissed her wrist.

Liz beamed at Maggie.  “You never mentioned a date.  Maggie, how splendid!”

Forced to play along, Maggie found her voice.  “Liz, this is Aiden.”

Liz pulled him closer and kissed his cheeks.  “I’m so glad you’re here,” she whispered as she released him to the groom and his family.

“Maggie, I don’t know whether to be angry with you or proud of you.  How could you keep such a dark and sexy guy like that all to yourself?  I had to fight the urge to nibble his ear just now.”


“You’d better hang on to that one.  His kind can’t be found just anywhere.”

“You have no idea.”

As soon as she’d seen him, she began to  tremble and break out in a flop sweat. 

“Do you get some kind of sick thrill from tormenting me,” she hissed at Aiden as he took his place next to her at the table.

“Why, Maggie, whatever do you mean?” 

“Do you have any idea how much self control it takes just to live a normal life?  Most of your kind walk around in full glory, assuming that the poor mortals are clueless.  My own kind would think I’m completely bats if I reacted to things no one else could see.”

“I could help you put aside all that anxiety for a while, Maggie,” he offered as he laid a hand across the top of hers.

A sweet, calming warmth spread from her hand across her body.  She immediately felt at peace.  Then the comfort became intense pleasure.  Maggie jerked her hand away from him.

“Stop that!”

“I was only trying to help.  You’re far too uptight and not enjoying yourself.”

“I was enjoying just fine until you showed up.”

“I meant the way you live your life in general.”

“I live my life this way because I can SEE you!  If you really wanted to help, lift this curse from me.”

“You know that I can’t.”

“Some all powerful immortal you are,” she seethed just as the Best Man rose to give the first toast.

It would be her turn next.  Her heart pounded fiercely against her chest and her hands broke out in a sticky sweat.  As she reached for a napkin to dry her hands, she realized that it wasn’t perspiration but a white foam coating her palms. 

She shot a hard look at Aiden.  He smiled and raised  his glass to her. 

A clean soapy scent began to permeate the air.  Her hands had broken out in a sheen of shaving cream.  She wrapped her napkin around her glass.  It only helped a little.  She barely got the first two comments out of her mouth when the shaving cream began to foam up around the glass and drip.  She carried on a moment or two longer as if nothing was happening.  Then the build up of suds became too much, and the glass slipped from her grip.  She blurted out something like “to the bride and groom,” and bolted from the table.

Aiden rose before Liz could and assured her that he would look after Maggie.  He found her on a garden bench outside the hall, her face buried in the foaming pile in her hands. 

She looked up at him before he could touch her. 

“Did you enjoy your little prank,” she hissed.

“You have no one but yourself to blame for that.  Your fear is so strong we can feel the atmosphere vibrating with it.  If I hadn’t been around, you would have most likely burst into flames rather than harmless soap bubbles.”

“So I guess you’re some sort of guardian angel sent to save me from myself?”

“Of a sort, maybe.  You won’t survive long as a seer if you keep trying to control every little element around you.  The beauty of life is in the unexpected.  Do you think your sister Liz would have met the wonderful man she just married if she controlled her life the way you do?

You aren’t broken or cursed, Maggie.  You are of a very rare and gifted sort, and you need to learn to embrace it, rather than fight it.  Take pleasure in what you are.”

He was going to go on when Liz came toward them.

“Maggie, there you are.  Everyone is asking for you.  The whole party was about to go comatose thanks to dear Ewen’s droning toast.  That little shaving cream gag saved the day.  They all want to know how you did it!  Finish cleaning up and come back inside.  We are about to cut the cake.”

Aiden smiled and with the slightest gesture, the sticky mess was gone and Maggie looked even more radiant than ever.

“What say you, Miss Maggie McGee, will you return with me and give life a try?”